Automotive systems, alternate fuel Technology

Please explore  and know more about  careers in Automotive systems, alternate fuels, technology. The following links  provides detailed information about  job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements for the job , salary and training required for the particular profession. Please feel free to contact us in case find any good sites for the above subject

Automotive Career Descriptions

Alternative Fuels Vehicle Technician
Auto Glass Installers
Auto Industry Careers
Auto Mechanic
Auto Specialty Technicians
Automotive Industry Careers
Automotive Master Mechanic
Automobile Mechanics
Auto Mechanic/Technician
Automotive Electrician
Automotive Electric Mechanic
Automobile Engineering Technician
Automotive Engineers
Automobile Parts Counter Worker
Automobile Repair and Maintenance Careers
Auto Service Careers Overview
Automotive Service Advisor
Automotive Service Technicians
Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics
Automotive Specialty Technicians
Automotive Technician – NATEF
Bus and Truck Mechanics
Careers in Car Design
Careers in Trucking
Careers with Cars
Creative Designer – Automobile
Diesel Engine Specialists
Diesel Mechanic
Diesel Mechanic
Exhaust Fitter and Repairer
Farm Equipment Mechanics
General Maintenance Mechanic
Heavy Equipment Mechanic
Insurance Appraisers
Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanic
Motorcyle Mechanic
Motor Mechanic
Motor Mechanic
Radiator Repairer
Sales Managers
Sales Representative – Auto Parts
Service Station Attendants
Small Engine Mechanics
Small Engine Mechanics
Skilled Trade Profiles
Tire Changers and Repairers
Tire Changers and Repairers
Transportation Related Careers
Truck and Bus Diesel Specialist
Truck Driver
Truck Mechanic
Trucking and Warehousing
Vehicle Brekdown Engineer
Vehicle Patrol Mechanic
Vehicle Service Person

Automotive Related Sites

Auto Learning Online

4 Stroke Cycle Animation
A Computer on Wheels – Today’s Automobile
A Guide to Corrosion Protection – PDF
ABCs of Anti-Lock Brakes
Air Bags
Alternate Power Systems for Autos
Auto Shop 101
Auto Repair Articles – Motor Age
Automatic Transmission – Short Course
Automotive Systems Introduction
Automobile Engines – Short Course
Automotive Learning On-Line
Automotive Research
Automotive Steel Design Manual
Brake System
BioDiesel Fact Sheets
Car Care -eHow
Car Care- Be Car Care Aware
Car Classification
Car Repair – What’s Wrong with My Car
Diesel Engine- How it Works
Diesel Engine Stroke
Diesel Engines – Wikipedia
Driveline Design – Engineers Edge
Engine Formulas – 4 Stroke
Engine Rebuilding Technical Information
Engine Short Course
Engine Types – Animations
Engines and Motors – How Stuff Works
Famous Automobiles
Four Wheeler Tech Articles
Fundamentals of Four Stroke Combustion Engine
Fuel Injection
Gasoline Fact Sheets
Hemi Engines – How They Work
How a Car Works
How Cars Work – Interactive Learning Tool
How Hybrid Cars Work
How Hybrids Work
How to Buy and Sell a Used Car
How-To Videos On-line
How NASCAR Race Cars Work
Hybrid Cars – How They Work
Hydraulic Brakes
Illustrated Auto Glossary
Internal Combustion Engines
Lightweight Materials for Automobiles
MOPAR Engines
Motor Oil Recycling
Preventative Maintenance
Racing Engine Overview
Rebuilding Engines Information
Repair Manuals Online – Finding
Repair Advice and Troubleshooting
Safety – Today’s Safe Cars
Starting System Tutorial
Taylor Welded Blanks – Design and Manufacture
The Family Car
Tire Recall
Tire Reviews
Tire Tech
Tires – Understanding Tires
Transportation Technologies Links
Troubleshooting Articles – MotorAge Online
Troubleshooting Guide
Understanding Your Car
Ultra-Clean Vehicles Tutorial
Understanding Car Financing
What are Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Car Buying Guides

Automobile Appraisal Source
Automobile Defects Search
Autosite – Car Buying Guide
Bumper to Bumper – Consumer Reports
Car Reviews
Cars- Consumer Information Center
Complaints Database- Search Make Model & Year
Edmund’s Buyers Guide
Hemmings Motor News
Kelly Blue Book
New Car Research
Recall Database  – Make Model & Year
Research a Car
UBUYACAR – How to Buy a Car Manual

Directories & Link Lists

Automotive Directory – Yahoo
Automobile Industry Directory
Automobile Topics – Librarian’s Index
Autopedia’s Hotlinks
Cars- Digital Librarian Directory
CARS Vehicle and Equipment Information
Engineers Edge – Design, Specs, Materials, Calculators
Transportation Statistics
US Department of Transportation
Yahoo Autos – Automotive Directory

New and Alternative Technology

Advanced Technology in Automobiles
Alternative Fuels, Vehicles and Transportation
Alternative Fuels Vehicles Search
Advanced Fuel Systems Technology
Alternative Fuel Vehicles – A Student’ Guide
Auto News
Automotive Innovation
Bio Fuels
Cutting Edge Technology
Electric Auto Association
Electric Vehicle Association
Electric Vehicles- Hybrid
Electric Vehicle Links- MAE
Fact Sheets on Alternative Fuels
Ford Innovations – New Car Technologies
Fuel Cell Technology – SAE
Fuel Cells  – Fuel Cell Information Center
Fueling the Future – Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Hydrogen Cars
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology
Hyper Car Concept – What is it
Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition
Robot Technology at VW
The Changing Face of Transportation
Transportation Science and Technology
Trucking Industry – Truckline

Environmental Issues

Auto Emissions and Air Quality
Automotive Recyclers Association
Alternative Fuels Data Center
Alternative Fuels Home Page – EPA
BioDiesel – News and Facts
Driving to a Cleaner Future
Fuel Economy Site
GreenLink- Environmental Issues

Math and Science related to auto Career

Automotive Calculators and Converters
Automotive Formulas
Calculating Gear Ratios
Car Stereo Math Calculators
Drag Racing Math and Formulas
Engine Formulae – 4 Stroke Engines
Engineering Design Data
Gear Ratios
Horsepower Calculator
Physics in the Automotive Industry
Physics of Racing
Technical Calculators
Torque and Horsepower
Understanding Vehicle Financing
Unit Converters
Web Cars – Automotive Math


Anti-Locking Brake System Safety
Auto Mercury Switch Removal
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
Diesel Exhaust – Health Effects
Driver Safety
Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations
Mother’s Against Drunk Driving
National Highway Traffic Safety Admin
On the Road Safety
Research and Development – Car Safety
Young Driver’s Safety Information

Lesson Plans and Activities

BMW Virtual Factory Tour
Driver Ed Curriculum
Fun Fueled Activity Book
History of the Automobile Lesson Plan
Mechanic and Automotive Curriculum Guide

Auto Glass History
Auto History Articles
Automobile History Showroom
Automobile History –
Automobile Overview and History
Automotive History Timeline
Automotive Museums in the US
Corvette History
Corvette Timeline
Early Adventures with the Automobile
Early Automobile History Links
European Automotive Hall of Fame
Ford Motor Company History
General Motors History
Goodyear Tire History
Hemi History
Henry Ford Inventor
History of the Automobile – Wikipedia
Kubota Diesel Engine History
Land Speed Record History
Model T
Motorsports Hall of Fame
Petersons Automotive Museum
Porsche History
Public Transportation History
Saab Milestones in History
Stanley Steamer Cars
Toyota History
Tucker History – 1948 Tucker
Wankel Rotary Engine History
What was the First Car
Who Invented the Automobile

Auto Racing

Aerodynamics in Car Racing
Audi Motor Sports
Basics of Drag Racing
Blueprint Specifications for NHRA
Chaparral Gallery
Chevy Racing
Dodge Motor Sports
ESPN Motor Sports
Ford Racing
GM Motor Sports
History of the NHRA
Indy Racing
Motor Sports Engineering
Motor Sports Hall of Fame
NHRA Motorsports Museum – Photo Gallery
Physics of Racing Series
Physics of Racing
Race Tech Magazine
Racing Physics
Racing Technology
Stock Car Classification
Understanding Formula 1 Aerodynamics
World Land Speed Challenger


AIADA –Am International Automobile Dealers Association
AIAG – Automotive Industry Action Group
Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
American Automobile Association
American Society of Body Engineers
Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association
Automotive Service Association
Automotive Service Excellence NATEF
Engine Manufacturers Association
National Automobile Dealers Association
North American Council of Automotive Teachers
Society of Automobile Engineers
Transportation Research Board
United Auto Workers Union
USCAR – United States Council for Automotive Research

Schools, Training and Jobs

ASE – Test Information
AYES Certified Schools
Automotive Mechanic – Online Training
Automotive Service Excellence – Certification
Automotive Training – Bronx Community College
Automotive Rebuilders Schools and Training
Careers in Motion – Jobs at DOT
Certified Automotive Programs
Certified Automotive Programs – NATEF
General Motors Careers
Find a Certified PTDI School – Professional Truck Driver
Find a Car Dealer
Find an Automotive Training Program
Fuel Cell Education and Training
Motor Careers – Employment, jobs, resumes
School of Transportation Technology
State Automotive Associations
Transportation Studies Universities
Transportation Design Schools
University Transportation Centers


Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
Automotive Companies in Canada
Auto Industry List of Links
Auto Manufacturers
Auto-Steel Alliance – Manufacturing Articles
Automotive Manufacturers
Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association
Corvette Magazine
Ford Motor Company
General Motors
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association
Motorbase Automobile Manufacturers
Motorcycle Manufacturers
Office of Automotive Affairs – US Parts Manufacturers Data

New and Magazines

Auto Channel
Auto Facts – PricewaterhouseCooper
Auto Industry Data – Wards
Auto Shop Online
Auto/Steel Partnership
Automobile Magazine
Automotive Design and Production
Automotive Industry Economic Contributions
Automotive Industry Online
Automotive Industry News
Automotive News
Automotive Remanufacturing Industry Overview
CARS – Vehicle Information – DOT
Car and Driver
Car Design News
Car Stereo
Diesel Net
Foreign Auto Manufacturers
Four Wheeler On-line
Motor Age Online – Industry News, Technology
Motor Trend
MSN Autos
News Directory – Automobile Magazines
Popular Mechanics Automotive
TransStat- Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Ward’s Auto – News, Articles, Information

Clipart and Images

Autosite – Car Photo Gallery
Car Design Gallery
Car Photo Gallery
Cool Archive Clip Art
Michigan Auto Tours
Motorworks Shop Tour
Motorbase Picture Search
Mustang Restoration Tour
New Car Photo Galleries
Occupations Clip Art
Toyota Manufacturing Plant – Virtual Tour
Toyota Museum – Virtual Tour
Transportation and Auto Clipart
Transportation Historical Images
Transportation Images